Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Youngest

The youngest child! Every family has one, every one of us WAS one at one point or another. What is it about this role in the birth order that makes people offer a knowing nod, a roll of the eyes an insiders joke it seems. (Maybe that's just me actually, someone mention please if this joke is really just on me!)

These flat headed fighters come out ready to go! They seem either bent on taking over the world - entirely frustrated at the forever game of catch up to older siblings or else they are along for the ride. Coddled and babied; because whose baby ever grows up, really?

I was the youngest for 5.5 years. Then my brother came and I was bumped to middle. I hear it's middle children who are really messed up actually. Oh well. Both my parents were middle kids too so at least I was part of the majority in my family.

After 2 boys, hubby & I had a girl. She's our baby. Don't call her that though, she'd give you an earful. She definitely fits the bill of being born ready to fight. She's small, but don't let that fool you. She'd just as soon dress as a princess as wield the light saber of a Jedi (she'll often do both). Her princesses ride dinosaurs and barbie hangs out with spider man.

She is proud as anything and refers to her brothers as HER boys. They are best friends, the 3 of them, and I love it! Mind you, them being boys and a bit older, she is still often playing catch up. Always trying to impress them, one of our favourite things is to hear is her call to them "HEY BOYS! LOOK AT ME!!!"

I don't think she knows about dainty or quiet or any of the stereotypes I dumbly expected when she popped out a girl nearly 4 years ago. My sigh of relief quickly turned to WOW! Did THAT come out of her??

The volume of 1 girl (I'm not sure if it is a girl thing or a youngest thing) is greater than, NOT equal to, the volume of 2 boys.

I've learned a thing or 2 about the youngest. If you keep them a baby, they'll stay a baby, but if you let them fly, they'll soar! (LOUDLY!)

ETA: That's the cheesiest finishing sentence ever! Truly, my daughter's got lots of spunk and will definitely go places (soar if you will), but more so, I think if I tried to keep her a baby, she'd stomp on my foot.

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