Friday, May 20, 2011


Tomorrow, I am going for my very first acupuncture treatment and I am SO excited!! I have wanted to try it for years!! Stick a pin into those sore muscles please, show 'em who the boss is and poke'em into relaxation!!

I am achy. Constantly.

Generally my back hurts, my neck hurts & my feet hurt.

Hmmm, who can I blame. I'd say kids, but I know the neck problems started years before they came along. Getting rear ended was a pain in so many ways - I'm sure many can relate!!

I know I can blame my kids for parts though. The yo-yo of weight gain & muscle stress during pregnancy can't be good. 60lbs up & down times 3. No good. My feet now require very expensive shoes - not good for a thrifty bargain hunter!!

I love my chiropractor!! She is way more effective than tylenol or advil for kicking a migraine. It took me a few months in our new locale to find one. It is hard to just trust any new person to give you a crunk without fear of ending paralyzed. I recall being very scared the first time I ever went to a chiro, but my hubby had insisted it would help with the headaches. He was right. Now I'm hooked!!

The one I have found here is big into the gadgetry. She goes with stretches & interesting little tools that sound like a woodpecker on my neck way more often than the traditional crunk. I'm amused that every time I go she is again surprised that my hip has gone out effectively making one leg shorter - until she adjusts it and sets me straight - my previous chiro in our last town had the same observation each session. Did I already blame stuff on my kids this post - hmmm, maybe I should lay off on them, but really, I do think the hip thing is a result of them too.

So I mentioned an interest in acupuncture last time I was there and my chiro said she is actually certified! Tomorrow at noon I get to be a pin cushion!

I'm thrilled!!!

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  1. I love acupuncture. It has worked really well for me. I have only had it done during physio treatments.
    Due to my bone marrow disorder I have pain on a regular bases I have found that chiro and yoga really help.
    Please let me know how the acupuncture works for your body pain.