Friday, May 13, 2011


In 13 years of marriage, my hubby & I have only both ever been working at the same time for about 6 months. Due to schooling, illness, babies & just life, one of us has generally always been unemployed. This is starting to change.

Our baby is almost 4 and the others are 6 & 8. I've had it good - supply teaching off & on the last couple years, but mostly being home.

This week, I've been working.

I was offered to cover a mat leave and considering the state of unemployed teachers these days, I felt I could not turn it down - plus, I'm actually excited to be back at work! I enjoy it!

I have found the worst to be childcare. Our 3 kids are currently farmed to 3 different locations. So pickups, juggling & correct information distribution is the challenge. We have planned ahead for next year though. A school switch will keep all 3 under the same roof for schooling as well as out of school care.

I realized I forgot about library day for my boys. Oh well, they'll keep the same books another week then.

My middle son was apparently confused about the new daycare situation and during circle time in kindergarten a couple days ago, he raised his hand in tears. He said "this is my last day at this school. I am starting a new school & new daycare tomorrow". He was crying, the teacher said the other kids started crying, the EA was crying and she said SHE was almost crying. Sigh. Obviously I didn't explain that one well enough. Oops!

I have a new respect for working parents. It is Friday night & all I could do was order pizza for my kids & stick on a movie. They thought that new aspect to their week was fantastic! Sigh.

I miss my kids! What are some things you do to make it all easier? How do you juggle while keeping sane & keeping things balanced for your kids?


  1. That is SUCH a hard adjustment. I have no advice. But it does get easier!

  2. Ummm...I,m totally not sane, don't even work full time...that I'm paid 4 anyways! I'm thanful 4 my parents, they r trying 2 keep me sane, here's 2 finding balance...& cheap pizza!!!

  3. who said anything about sane??? Roll with it - that's all you can do to survive! Pizza on Friday night is the ultimate survival tool, and when the kids are all under the same childcare roof it'll be way easier (said as I'm looking at three different schools next year:)) It's not the quantity of time it is the quality of time - you love them and they you, however as moms we always feel like we should/could do more, there's no easy answer to your questions.