Thursday, May 19, 2011


Supper is a continual frustration for me.

It needs to be made, served, cleaned up after etc. AND, it needs to be creative. With a family of 5, it's going to be hit & miss for someone nearly every night. And the biggest problem is that I need to do the same thing the next day.

I am totally one of those people who will get caught up in my day and be hit with the 4:30 Crap! moment of "What are we having for supper". Then I'm stuck trying to defrost, see what I have in the fridge etc.

I have had sections of time in my life that I've successfully planned ahead. I've combined planning, shopping & preparation and felt really good about myself. The problem is that I get all caught up with that feeling of "with-it'ness" for a few days and then BAM! I'm hit at 4:30 a few days later because all my careful plans have run out.

A friend took me to a morning session by The Big Cook way back in the fall. I bought in fully because I was one of THOSE mothers who could never figure it all out - organizationally.

I made meals galore and at one point had nearly 50 in my freezer I think!! That managed to get me through a few months (WHEN I'd manage to remember to take something out of the freezer in time!)

I need to stock up again!!

Being back at work, everything is going to the wayside. Including meal planning.

I felt so good this week though, I had it all set up and it was going well until today. I remembered about an hour before I was to leave work, that I had forgotten to put my nicely thawed pork roast INTO the crockpot. Getting home at 5pm, I knew I wasn't going to recover from that one.

On the drive home, at a red light, my middle man - always a helpful one - said "Mom, why don't we have Kifk for supper". He lost me there. "Kifk??" I asked. I turned to look at him and saw he was so sincere. I saw he was looking out his window at the restaurant nearest the intersection. KFC.

Always one with a back up plan (and an amazing ability to recover from a set back), we had hotdogs.

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  1. I SO relate to this!! Supper is my nemesis. I just hate to play a game I can NEVER win. ;)