Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'm a late bloomer in many regards - we only just got cable with our most recent move. Peasant vision was enough - before. Not so much now. I'm hooked.

I think I'm hooked mostly to the PVR.

At some point though, I figured I needed to catch onto Glee and see what the hype was. That's the same reasoning that led me to read the Harry Potter series - LOVE it! The Twilight Saga - pretty good, but the writing is a notch down from HP. It also caused my hubby & I to jump late on the bandwagon of LOST. Through library rentals & itune downloads, we caught up in the series - just a few years late!! But just in time for the final season. That whole conclusion to the series seemed pretty weak IMO. 6 years of buildup and they are just in purgatory? That was a whole lot of build up for that. Personally, I think the writers got themselves confused in the complexity of the story, didn't know how to dig themselves back out and took the easy way. I digress.

I was working at a high school a couple years ago and one day when I entered, there was a table near the doors with cheerleaders handing out plastic cups of cheerios. I didn't get it. I asked someone and was informed (in a wow, you should know this tone) that it was from Glee.

I searched online for episodes, but couldn't find any unless I downloaded through itunes. Fast forward to the fancy many channel situation of today! I've been pvr'ing and watching & enjoying Glee.

I reserved the first season at the library and it finally came in along with another book I had requested "Invisible Chains". (The discussion of that book, if you're interested, is better suited for my other blog).

So, I am 3 episodes in and think this show is absolutely hilarious! Not family friendly as the content is somewhat mature.

How many seasons has it run now?

So, my dilemma is that videos from the library are a 7 day borrow - I can renew if there is no one waiting, but the list was wayyyyy long when I put myself on it a few months ago. So, I'll watch what I can - 7 disks, 4 shows per disk.

Game on.


Bottom line, I just don't get it. I mean I do, but yet I don't.

I started up with twitter b/c that is supposedly what you need to do when you blog. I have my serious blog, my kid related blog and then this blog. Since the 3 follow very different genres, I saw no need to mix them. Lots of people have lots of blogs. I think I get that.

So, I tweet about my day, I tweet about what I'm doing, and I tweet random thoughts, but really WHO CARES? I don't get it.

I appreciate the links & I retweet what I like and find it cool when suddenly 15 new people start following me. Then of course, I'm left questioning my level of personal appeal when later that day 16 people drop me! Oddly ouch.

Do I follow automatically? Thus far, I've not really. I generally try to follow people/groups that hold appeal to me. I have everyone placed neat & tidy in a list so I can quickly screen as I desire. I don't want my screen clogged with too many diaper giveaways. I don't have any kids with diapers - I'm sure you understand.

I read some blog posts recently on Twitter etiquette (If I can find them again, I'll link them here). It all made sense - I think.

Some people have so many followers, and yet say the dumbest things. Are they interesting? Or is it just an auto follow? I'm still working this out in my mind.

People message to thank me for the follow - like they're the queen with her Miss America style wave from an open Caddy in a parade. I tried that; messaging people to thank them and offering them a link to my blog. I felt I was being a bit showy though, so I gave that up. There's enough arrogance in this world.

Spam bugs me. People messaging me to tell me to buy something or enter their contest bugs me. Hmmm, I guess I don't have to follow them, right? I WANT the message if you've read my posts and legitimately think something will appeal to me! Thanks!!!

Ever go on networked blogs and see all the discussion headers of "If you follow me, I'll follow you back"? Sad, purely sad. But that's for another post.

Side Street Parking

Is it your house? No? Don't park in front of it unless;

- You are visiting someone who lives on the street
- You have other business in the immediate area, but no intention to stay

It is NOT COOL to park your vehicle in front of someone else's house;

- When you plan on leaving it there for many days
- when the person that actually lives there has to try to beat you to the spot

I feel terrible for people living across the street from a school, church, other business. Constant traffic parked out ones front window is irritating - in my opinion.

Our neighbours have 5 vehicles. They park in front of their own house as well as ours (and other neighbour houses). They have the gall to get irritated with us when we park in front of our own house. How wrong is that?

I've lately been trying to make my point by squishing my van in by their vehicles so it is still in front of my house, OR if there is no space in front of my house, I'll mosy over and park in front of theirs. They seem to have gotten the hint.

Now when I come home, I generally have a space just big enough for my van waiting for me. One of their vehicles is in front, one behind, but I have just enough space for me.

Thank you neighbours!

I think I'll save parking on both sides & snow removal for another post.

Grocery Stores - Cart Ettiquette

Grocery stores equal focused people, often grumpy & tired people and sometimes just way too many people.

For a big shop, I'll go to Costco or Superstore (Costco's produce is usually insanely priced). However, since our nearby Walmart became a Super-Walmart, I find I'm there more - just stopping by for 1 or 2 things and coming out with a cart full. My official big shops are very far spread now.

What drives me up the wall is how people steer their cart. Popping out of aisles, stopping in the middle of the aisle, doing what all others would consider any manner of rude - unless WE are the ones doing it.

Traffic rules people!

Most people doing a grocery shop know how to operate a vehicle. They studied, took a test and are expected to follow the rules of the road.

Imagine if at a grocery shop people coming out of the aisle would look both ways and merge - radical eh? Or if people were planning on stopping, they would move to the side leaving room for others to pass. Drive on the right! It makes kind of a bit of sense, right?

I think a few little courtesy signs by the cart parking reminding people to follow traffic rules while operating a cart could be a useful investment.

Speaking of parking. How hard is that to push the cart to the designated cart parking? I know everyone likes a little blue scuff on their vehicles paint so that the world may know they are a patron of Walmart, but really? Please push your cart to the side.

Those little kid carts? Yes, lets give a child a little car and tell them to drive on the road. Sure it keeps them busy..... (and no, I'm not implying cart driving is at all in actual fact like car driving in terms of safety, just that the rules of the road are readily transferable). But a little kid zipping through with a little cart in a busy store? So not helpful.

Generally, I like grocery shopping. Cart drivers though? Some of them need to take a road test. They got their license in a Cracker Jack box in aisle 6.

Traffic Circles - aka Round Abouts

I was not familiar with these prior to moving to our current city. At first I avoided them - they looked very intimidating. I just got over it though - they were en route for me and I added time by avoiding them.

The rules; left turn signal goes on, merge in to the inner lane if you have more than one exit to pass, outer lane if you are getting off right away - or apparently you can stay past 1 exit, but the inner lane has the right of way.

I just go for the inner lane unless I'm exiting right away, none of this pass an exit & watch for traffic on my left to cut me off. No thanks.

That said, I was traveling last night and someone in the outer lane went past multiple exits, always a little to the front of me and I had to wait for him to pass to take my exit.

He was in the wrong, but what am I going to do, hit him to prove a point? Not likely. Just a note to self to be aware of my space and know that not everyone follows the rules.

What is your take? Experience? Opinion about round abouts?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Coffee's View On - this blog

I am opinionated. A sad fate. I am not one of these happy people that just takes it all in and accepts things. I could imagine being called a whiner. I'm okay with that - I guess.

I'm a thinker. I analyze, criticize and am always automatically thinking of the more efficient way of doing things.

Sometimes this is appreciated, sometimes not.

This blog is for me to spout opinions to my heart's content.

My first big fat POV is how utterly irritating it was to find an appropriate name for this blog. Everything under the sun relevant to me spouting off seemed to be taken. Lots of blogs out there? Or just dumb program. Who knows!

Have some opinions? Want to hear mine on something or pick a topic to discuss? Leave a comment! Everyone needs to vent.

Pictures will come, cutesy format will come (or not, I'm not exactly a cutesy type), this is a work in process. My little fun!