Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Damn Lion

I'm sorry for all of you with sensitive eyes/ears, but there's a point to this post, really.

We've all been there with young children & language development. Some of the things that come out of their sincere mouths could make the rest of us blush. Between the language & the lost nuances, sometimes we wish they would keep some of that sincerity to themselves. Oops! Usually its worth a laugh.

My daughter is a girlie girl. I'm not entirely sure how that happened - maybe she'll grow out of it. I haven't helped much and will continue to be fairly unsupportive (mostly because I'm clued out in that dept. I'm a second daughter - ie, the "wish it was a son" daughter).

No, in honesty, I never got the impression either parent of mine would have appreciated a son (they did get one later on anyways) - but all the photos of me as a little girl show me with a very short bowl type hair cut and ratty jeans & tees. I'm sure that was not for lack of my mom handing me skirts, but oh well. I can blame the hair on her though, she was trying to "thicken it up". I recall being rude to more than a few older people who would comment to my parents about their "fine looking chap". Anyhow, that's digression!

Spring has agreed with my daughter. Dandelions are her favourite and she picks them for me with gusto! She brings them to me to put in water. "Those Damn Lions are soooo beeeeautiful!" Says she. I'm just glad she pulls them out of the yard before they turn into those white grenade balls of puffy yard destruction. I tell her they can stay in the cup on the counter until they close or turn white. Then they are all done.

Walking or driving down the street keeps her head whip lashing back & forth between "FLOWERS!" & "DAMN LIONS". She used to call them daisies, but her brothers corrected her "They are DANDY LIONS" So, now we hear all day about damn lions.

I noticed some new ones as I pulled up to the house this afternoon. I think after supper we'll go do some more picking!!


  1. Well, some days I'm tempted to call them damn lions, too, when I'm pulling them out of my lawn. LOL!

    This is how I will always think of them from now on. ;)

  2. Made me remember how my middle child always looked for "firetrucks" you'll have to use your imagination for his abbreviation!