Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Perfect Kids

We all know how it goes; there's no such thing as perfect parents, only perfect children. Actually, I'm wondering if it goes the other way around - feel free to set me straight. But I really do think some parents believe this.

We all know the type! Their child is accelerated, well behaved, way ahead of any milestone schedule - you know, Perfect!

I have met many such children and their parents and I'm amazed every time. I guess I should just really be in awe & wonder and oh so humbled for the chance to spend time with them.

I'm always torn - b/c I do not put my kids on a pedestal. Perhaps I should? I mean, they are great and I have a blast with them and enjoy them so much for the people they are, BUT; they are not perfect. And neither am I.
They have their moments of tantrum & not playing fair & I'm sure each of them have decked some other unsuspecting person along the way. Sorry about that! Work in progress (I think I've done each of those things at times too).

What really gets me though is when my child is having a moment of imperfection and lo & behold, it is around (or directed to) a perfect child. *Gasp*. Now, it has at times happened that I may have actually seen what took place and *a deep intake of breath* the perfect child was involved! Oh, the horror!

How do you respond when 2 kids are equally involved in an issue, but 1 is perfect while the other is not? I found I would struggle with play dates with certain playmates when I knew my child would carry an unfair load of anything that went down. I was tired of it always being my child's fault and I didn't want them to carry that pressure. If it got me down, it must affect my kids at some level, right?

What type of person does a perfect child grow into? Do they eventually learn responsibility for their actions? Does it at some point come around as a rude awakening?

Do you know some perfect children?

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