Tuesday, May 3, 2011

American Idol

Do you think you can sing? I mean, really! Would you be in a line up among thousands of others and truly believe you are THE ONE?

American Idol is interesting. It seems to bring out that yearning in so many people's gut that THEY LONG to be known somehow. LONG to be famous and live the illusion they think comes along with that.

Again, I say really? Do you SEE the garbage truly famous people have to deal with in their lives? No thank you!!

I have known people who think they can sing. What do you say to a friend who belts it all out totally off key and likely belongs on the bad audition AI reels? Are you someone who is honest?

I am amazed at all the people who are so disillusioned by thinking they can hold a tune, let alone sing at star quality. I'm sorry I'm such a meanie, but self-awareness can go a long way in terms of getting you places. Be realistic about where your skills & giftings lie. If you're not really sure, ask someone who loves you what you are good at. I'll bet they'll know!!

In terms of this season. There have been a few surprises and a few times I've shaken my head and in honesty, I've not yet even watched last weeks episodes because I was getting a little irritated.

WHY oh wise judges OH WHY did you use the save at round 11 on Casey Abrams? He is a reasonable musician and will likely be successful at making a career of it, but at NO point would most people have thought he would even make it to the finals.

Sure, I thought a few others would go before him; I had gauged a mid-season exit for him, saving the finals for those like Lauren, Pia & James.

So you waste your save, way too early in the season and what have you left when Pia is asked to go? Nothing but regret. I'm so glad that the exposure was enough and her career is already starting. WTG Pia!!

Like I said, I've not watched last weeks show, but I heard Casey is now officially gone. Voted out at 11 and again at 6. That says something judges; America did not see what you apparently saw. I doubt HE had a contract within 24 hours of being voted off.

Have you been watching? Know any stars or wanna be stars? Do YOU have star potential?

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