Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fashion Cuffs

My first inclination was to do a post on how people suck. Not all people, of course, but the ones who come along and with no provocation or real motive, work to cause destruction for other people. Like I said, I don't want to make this my focal point today (too depressing), but I'll tell you where I'm coming from so you understand my frustration.

I was in Walmart last night (and from that visit, I'll share with you something else that will cheer you up after this depressing bit). As I was walking out of the store, there were 2 boys - maybe 11 or 12- leaning over their bikes that had been locked outside the store. They looked a little confused so I asked if there was a problem they needed help with. (I'm a teacher & a mom, I'm not going to walk by a kid in distress).

One boy showed me that on both the bikes, someone had come along and yanked the wires out of the brakes - essentially cutting the line. These kids had no brakes! How dangerous! What if they hadn't noticed the loose wires before hopping on and riding home?

I asked if they needed to use a phone, if they had an adult they could call. They said an older brother was in at customer service using the phone and telling the store what happened.

So sad. What a dumb, random thing by some hateful person. I didn't leave until the older brother was back and I knew they had someone older looking out for them. Before I left though, one kid says to me; "First I lost a quarter in the gumball machine, now this. What a bad night". Poor kid, I think his parents will be more miffed over the repair bill to his bike than the gum, but his perspective was cute.

Onto happier things!!

Ever heard of fashion cuffs?
I was wandering up the cleaner aisle near the food section of Walmart & I came across them (near some ladies discussing which mouse trap would be best - they wanted the sticky tape kind - again I digress). Anyway, I noticed these things and had to do a backtrack, then I had to whip out my phone to take a picture (sorry for the not so great image). It's a rubber glove with a cutesy cuff.

Have you seen the show (I don't even know if it's on anymore) about those cleaning ladies that wear rubber gloves with fur cuffs? I don't know, is it to make scrubbing toilets that much more glamorous? I think they come in and find all the gross things in someone's house. I hope they pay the person lots of money to be humiliated on tv like that!!

I've read parts of their book(my mom has it) and it is hard core overwhelming. The to do list for cleaning each room was depressing. I didn't like their style.

I'm much more of a fly lady (not that I follow that perfectly either), but it is less bruising to the ego when I fail. Bite size pieces help me feel good about the little accomplishments I've made. I wash a dish? I've blessed my home - see? I can feel good. At this point, the fly lady encourages you to sit back with a cup of tea. You've earned it. I SO like their philosophy!

Have you seen any crazy looking things out there that are supposed to make mundane chores suddenly more fun? For all the fancy things, I don't notice my house getting cleaner. That fancy thing would have to be living & breathing and pull up in a "Molly Maid" car! THEN I'd be impressed!

For the rest of it, cleaning is cleaning. Toilets are toilets. Fashion cuffs or not, sorry, I don't enjoy it any more than if I'm in my pj's with my sleeves rolled up.

Scrubbing bubbles has this gel you put on the inside of your toilet. I tried this and my daughter freaked, calling it poison jello and she totally regressed all her potty skills b/c she was so afraid of it! Finally I had to wipe it all off so she'd use the toilet again.

Know what I like best? Vinegar & water! Cleans, is CHEAP and if my child decides to dip a finger in, it won't strip the skin (NOT that I leave things around for them - just clarifying that point). I also like baking soda.

What are your favourite chores? Do you have any? What makes them more fun? Any secrets you'd be willing to share??

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  1. those poor kids! that sucks!

    Personally I absolutely love that toilet gel stuff! I think it is great... but none of my kids were scared of it and we are past the sticking fingers in stuff stage so that wasn't a concern for me.

    I like the new fangled cleaning supplies... I find they make things easier. I grew up using vinegar and baking soda and when I moved out and discovered windex and Mr. Clean I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

    That being said I am CERTAIN vinegar and baking soda are cheaper and better for the environment. And I do use them sometimes. But I really do prefer the chemical-y version... things seem cleaner to me. Warped perspective I am sure lol.