Monday, May 9, 2011

Coffee Mugs!

My father used to say; "Coffee is the staff of life" or another; "Coffee is the official drink of heaven". All in jest, of course, but he does like his java.

I think I started way young. When I was little, when my dad would come home from work, I'd snag his lunch kit thermos and sneak to the kitchen to drink whatever dribbles of sweet, cold coffee I could get out. It was generally pretty empty - so maybe that's why no one stopped me, but I treasured those few drops (This was in the day - pre coffee makers in the teacher's lounge - my dad fixed his coffee in the morning at home, sugar & creamed it and took it to school in a bright orange thermos). So different now!

For me, it is the holistic image of coffee. It is warm, it is comforting and it tastes so nice with a dab of french vanilla flavouring (just a touch - that stuff is sweet & I don't like it sweet). Coffee is my comfort food.

I enjoy it in the morning, afternoon for a pick me up & evening as a relaxer. The only thing I require if I am drinking at home, is that it be in a nice mug.

I am eclectic for the most part with my style. My poor husband would never trust me to go pick out a sofa or other room decor b/c I think he'd fear he'd step into a time warp whenever he walked into a room. He raises the odd eyebrow at my wardrobe, but that's his problem, not mine, right?

I digress.

My mugs must reflect calm, serenity and happiness for me. Nothing tacky, nothing advertising a bank or insurance company or real estate agent. Ones with my name? Also tacky, not my style. I like matching. Sets come in 2, 4 or 6 and I can pull out the suitable number when we are entertaining and its time for coffee. Hmm, this might be one area I may be somewhat stodgy.

I know where each of my mugs came from and thankfully I am not clumsy so I can say my 3 favourite sets are 13-15 years old and complete. (Now that I've typed this, I may break one, thankfully I'm not superstitious.)

My newest fave (photo'd here) is slightly touristy, but full of meaning. A good friend from my previous town has a fine arts degree - specialty being pottery! She purchased this for me when I was leaving and with it she gave a promise that the next mug from her would be a handmade original. (I'm going to send her this link as a wee little reminder).

It is my big mug (I can have 1.5 cups of coffee for every 1 my hubby gets in the morning!) But I try not to let it encourage me to be greedy.

The comforts of life for me are simple. But I do value the importance of a good mug. I have more to say on coffee, but the mug beside me needs a top up so perhaps another day.

Tell me about your favourite mug! I'd love to hear what makes it so special!!

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  1. Hey, Kim!

    Just catching up on your posts here - in my cupboard there are two sets of four and one set of two, and yes, I do have a favorite. The pair is a handmade pottery set made by a local where we used to live. We had taken pottery lessons at the shop and built a collection of favorites, bought from there, made there, and given to us as 'oops' ones - ones with small imperfections that made them unsellable. This pair was given to us (the bottoms did not come off the wheel they way he liked) and they have the most wonderful edge that sits just marvelously on the curve of your lip while you drink.

    Maybe I'll have to write my own mug post with a pic - I'll link it back to you!