Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have decided, now that I am working, I need a new, bigger kitchen. No, there are no major reno plans in process, I have just decided that this kitchen (really my counter) is too small to hold all my dirty dishes that don't get done nearly as often now. I laugh that I literally have to clear a tiny corner of left out breakfast things at 5pm to give myself exactly 1 square foot of work space. (Actually, if we're being honest here, I'm not laughing, it's irritating and I've wished for a cleaner more than once!)

I'm thinking we may need to take advantage of the nearby Kifk for supper more often.

We've never had terrible kitchens. Even when we lived in our various apartments along the way, we always lucked out (as far as apartment kitchens go) - I've seen way worse.

When I was a young, naive, tiny bit stupid newlywed, my kitchen was pristine! I anally counted each of my dishes & pieces of flatware as I lovingly hand washed each and every one. If one was missing from my count, I would go searching for the wayward piece. (I think I included anal in there?)

Every week, my counters were bleached (only the power of bleach would suffice). I think my floors & bathrooms got the same treatment.

I wouldn't go to bed until my kitchen was spotless.

And then I had kids.


I found my dream kitchen in a flyer recently. I can't realistically see that ever coming to fruition though as I'm sure that kitchen would require about the same square footage as my whole main floor. Who needs a bedroom really, we could each have our own pantry space!

There are sadly no kitchen plans coming - mostly, while we know our house needs work, we lack the eye to envision & create. The grunt? We can do that (or more so my hubby can), but the ability to pick it out of air? Moving walls & building a space that is not currently there? Not our specialty.

If you are gifted like that and within travel distance, give me a shout out! We should talk!!


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    Hope your weekend was a good one :-)

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