Saturday, April 30, 2011


Bottom line, I just don't get it. I mean I do, but yet I don't.

I started up with twitter b/c that is supposedly what you need to do when you blog. I have my serious blog, my kid related blog and then this blog. Since the 3 follow very different genres, I saw no need to mix them. Lots of people have lots of blogs. I think I get that.

So, I tweet about my day, I tweet about what I'm doing, and I tweet random thoughts, but really WHO CARES? I don't get it.

I appreciate the links & I retweet what I like and find it cool when suddenly 15 new people start following me. Then of course, I'm left questioning my level of personal appeal when later that day 16 people drop me! Oddly ouch.

Do I follow automatically? Thus far, I've not really. I generally try to follow people/groups that hold appeal to me. I have everyone placed neat & tidy in a list so I can quickly screen as I desire. I don't want my screen clogged with too many diaper giveaways. I don't have any kids with diapers - I'm sure you understand.

I read some blog posts recently on Twitter etiquette (If I can find them again, I'll link them here). It all made sense - I think.

Some people have so many followers, and yet say the dumbest things. Are they interesting? Or is it just an auto follow? I'm still working this out in my mind.

People message to thank me for the follow - like they're the queen with her Miss America style wave from an open Caddy in a parade. I tried that; messaging people to thank them and offering them a link to my blog. I felt I was being a bit showy though, so I gave that up. There's enough arrogance in this world.

Spam bugs me. People messaging me to tell me to buy something or enter their contest bugs me. Hmmm, I guess I don't have to follow them, right? I WANT the message if you've read my posts and legitimately think something will appeal to me! Thanks!!!

Ever go on networked blogs and see all the discussion headers of "If you follow me, I'll follow you back"? Sad, purely sad. But that's for another post.

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  1. the "thanks for following me" thing is usually an auto-response that people have set up. It is annoying and most of us hate it. lol

    I don't auto-follow but I do follow lots of people. I have over 5000 followers and I enjoy the randomness of my twitter feed ... I think I am just used to it now :)