Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'm a late bloomer in many regards - we only just got cable with our most recent move. Peasant vision was enough - before. Not so much now. I'm hooked.

I think I'm hooked mostly to the PVR.

At some point though, I figured I needed to catch onto Glee and see what the hype was. That's the same reasoning that led me to read the Harry Potter series - LOVE it! The Twilight Saga - pretty good, but the writing is a notch down from HP. It also caused my hubby & I to jump late on the bandwagon of LOST. Through library rentals & itune downloads, we caught up in the series - just a few years late!! But just in time for the final season. That whole conclusion to the series seemed pretty weak IMO. 6 years of buildup and they are just in purgatory? That was a whole lot of build up for that. Personally, I think the writers got themselves confused in the complexity of the story, didn't know how to dig themselves back out and took the easy way. I digress.

I was working at a high school a couple years ago and one day when I entered, there was a table near the doors with cheerleaders handing out plastic cups of cheerios. I didn't get it. I asked someone and was informed (in a wow, you should know this tone) that it was from Glee.

I searched online for episodes, but couldn't find any unless I downloaded through itunes. Fast forward to the fancy many channel situation of today! I've been pvr'ing and watching & enjoying Glee.

I reserved the first season at the library and it finally came in along with another book I had requested "Invisible Chains". (The discussion of that book, if you're interested, is better suited for my other blog).

So, I am 3 episodes in and think this show is absolutely hilarious! Not family friendly as the content is somewhat mature.

How many seasons has it run now?

So, my dilemma is that videos from the library are a 7 day borrow - I can renew if there is no one waiting, but the list was wayyyyy long when I put myself on it a few months ago. So, I'll watch what I can - 7 disks, 4 shows per disk.

Game on.

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