Friday, April 29, 2011

Coffee's View On - this blog

I am opinionated. A sad fate. I am not one of these happy people that just takes it all in and accepts things. I could imagine being called a whiner. I'm okay with that - I guess.

I'm a thinker. I analyze, criticize and am always automatically thinking of the more efficient way of doing things.

Sometimes this is appreciated, sometimes not.

This blog is for me to spout opinions to my heart's content.

My first big fat POV is how utterly irritating it was to find an appropriate name for this blog. Everything under the sun relevant to me spouting off seemed to be taken. Lots of blogs out there? Or just dumb program. Who knows!

Have some opinions? Want to hear mine on something or pick a topic to discuss? Leave a comment! Everyone needs to vent.

Pictures will come, cutesy format will come (or not, I'm not exactly a cutesy type), this is a work in process. My little fun!

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