Saturday, April 30, 2011

Traffic Circles - aka Round Abouts

I was not familiar with these prior to moving to our current city. At first I avoided them - they looked very intimidating. I just got over it though - they were en route for me and I added time by avoiding them.

The rules; left turn signal goes on, merge in to the inner lane if you have more than one exit to pass, outer lane if you are getting off right away - or apparently you can stay past 1 exit, but the inner lane has the right of way.

I just go for the inner lane unless I'm exiting right away, none of this pass an exit & watch for traffic on my left to cut me off. No thanks.

That said, I was traveling last night and someone in the outer lane went past multiple exits, always a little to the front of me and I had to wait for him to pass to take my exit.

He was in the wrong, but what am I going to do, hit him to prove a point? Not likely. Just a note to self to be aware of my space and know that not everyone follows the rules.

What is your take? Experience? Opinion about round abouts?

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