Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grocery Stores - Cart Ettiquette

Grocery stores equal focused people, often grumpy & tired people and sometimes just way too many people.

For a big shop, I'll go to Costco or Superstore (Costco's produce is usually insanely priced). However, since our nearby Walmart became a Super-Walmart, I find I'm there more - just stopping by for 1 or 2 things and coming out with a cart full. My official big shops are very far spread now.

What drives me up the wall is how people steer their cart. Popping out of aisles, stopping in the middle of the aisle, doing what all others would consider any manner of rude - unless WE are the ones doing it.

Traffic rules people!

Most people doing a grocery shop know how to operate a vehicle. They studied, took a test and are expected to follow the rules of the road.

Imagine if at a grocery shop people coming out of the aisle would look both ways and merge - radical eh? Or if people were planning on stopping, they would move to the side leaving room for others to pass. Drive on the right! It makes kind of a bit of sense, right?

I think a few little courtesy signs by the cart parking reminding people to follow traffic rules while operating a cart could be a useful investment.

Speaking of parking. How hard is that to push the cart to the designated cart parking? I know everyone likes a little blue scuff on their vehicles paint so that the world may know they are a patron of Walmart, but really? Please push your cart to the side.

Those little kid carts? Yes, lets give a child a little car and tell them to drive on the road. Sure it keeps them busy..... (and no, I'm not implying cart driving is at all in actual fact like car driving in terms of safety, just that the rules of the road are readily transferable). But a little kid zipping through with a little cart in a busy store? So not helpful.

Generally, I like grocery shopping. Cart drivers though? Some of them need to take a road test. They got their license in a Cracker Jack box in aisle 6.

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