Saturday, April 30, 2011

Side Street Parking

Is it your house? No? Don't park in front of it unless;

- You are visiting someone who lives on the street
- You have other business in the immediate area, but no intention to stay

It is NOT COOL to park your vehicle in front of someone else's house;

- When you plan on leaving it there for many days
- when the person that actually lives there has to try to beat you to the spot

I feel terrible for people living across the street from a school, church, other business. Constant traffic parked out ones front window is irritating - in my opinion.

Our neighbours have 5 vehicles. They park in front of their own house as well as ours (and other neighbour houses). They have the gall to get irritated with us when we park in front of our own house. How wrong is that?

I've lately been trying to make my point by squishing my van in by their vehicles so it is still in front of my house, OR if there is no space in front of my house, I'll mosy over and park in front of theirs. They seem to have gotten the hint.

Now when I come home, I generally have a space just big enough for my van waiting for me. One of their vehicles is in front, one behind, but I have just enough space for me.

Thank you neighbours!

I think I'll save parking on both sides & snow removal for another post.

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